Alberto's early and late years have been as smooth as a square wheel. It wasn't until a few years ago when he realized that the feeling of wanting to be part of something big or being someone important, became one of his main sources of pain and suffering in life, so he decided to step out of the box in order to find his true self as artist.

After taking his own way, he has found and awaken forgotten interests they had been asleep for a long time. Now, with less strings attached to superfluous distractions than before, he is able to discover, learn and understand how to incorporate to his work the results of his findings. To him, the word "success" is not in the future anymore, but with him in the present.

Based on a serie of super weird eventualities, he has been lucky enough to work on multiple personal projects, professional projects, secret projects, failed projects and on some “stand by” projects he expects to revisit in the future, though all of them where made with the same level of passion he has for salty and creamy things.

Although he always get hired either as concept artist or illustrator, he prefers to identify himself as someone who draws very nice! Alberto is passionate and committed to his craft. He also has a sense for details, that's why he has written this text in third person, because he thinks it sounds more elegant and sophisticated than in first person.

He would be pleased and happy to know that you, dear reader, enjoy his work and that there may be likely the possibility of collaborating together to develop really DOPE projects.